About us                        

‘Making Lancashire Safer’ is the simple commitment we offer to the people who live, work and visit our wonderful county. That’s not just about being ready and able to respond quickly and capably to emergencies but providing a range of services to people to help prevent fires happening in the first place and helping people take measures to protect themselves and restrict the impact if the worst happens.

Where there are clear breaches of fire safety regulations we will use our regulatory enforcement powers to ensure public safety and will always take a robust approach to deal with those who compromise on safety.

However, we also recognise the importance of helping businesses get the right information and advice so that they can more easily be compliant, and therefore safer. This site provides this help and advice to help you with this.

We are really keen to help businesses that want to improve their fire safety activity and be compliant with the rules and will be developing more ways to do this.  We have dedicated teams of fire safety professionals, including our Fire Safety Inspectors and Business Safety Advisers, whose job is to help businesses make sure they have the right prevention and protection measures in place. You can contact your local staff here.

Our service is based on the objectives of:

  • Reducing the risk to the community, and
  • Delivering affordable and sustainable services.

Our Fire Safety Enforcement Policy can be found here


The Enforcement Concordat Policy can be found here the_enforcement_concordat_policy.docx