This guidance had been produced by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to help you to achieve and maintain an appropriate level of fire safety in the premises for which you are responsible and to help you comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

It is not detailed guidance and does not replace any more wide ranging guides, which you can find under ‘guidelines’in the top menu.

These guides are available to download for you to print out for your reference.

The Law

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order was made to suit modern business needs better, regulating fire safety only where necessary. Read more


What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

A fire risk assessment is an organised and methodical look atyour premises, the activities carried on there and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises. Read more


A Visit by an Inspecting Officer- What to Expect

The fire service believes that prevention is better than cure and our inspecting officers will actively work with you to advise and assist with meeting the standard required. Read more


Managing Fire Safety

Good management of fire safety in your premises is essential to ensure that any fire safety matters that arise are always effectively addressed. In small premises this can be achieved by the manager or owner responsible for maintaining and planning fire safety in conjunction with general health and safety. Read more


Fire Protection Measures

These include fire alarm systems, emergency escape lighting,fire extinguishers and fire doors etc. Read more





How to Investigate and Reset your Fire Alarm

There’s a price to pay for false alarms. In some businesses the disruption can cost as much as £120,000 a year. Worse, they can cost lives because firefighters can’t be in two places at once. Read more


Business Continuity

Major emergencies can happen quickly and without warning. Statistics show that almost one in five businesses will be hit by a major disruption every year. Consequences can result in loss of customers, loss of revenue and even collapse of business. Read more


Appeals, Challenges and Complaints Procedure

In all your dealings with us, you can expect an efficient and professional service; and while we aim to carry out all our activities in a way that supports you to provide safety to people in case of fire, we will also help you if you encounter problems or if we get it wrong. Read more


Event Safety

Overview of the role of the Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) and guidance to help you consider safety issues and direct you to more specialist advice. Read more


How Do I Find a Fire Risk Assessor?

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service cannot conduct a risk assessment for you. If you feel that your premises are too complex, or you feel that you would prefer to have a professional advise you, then you can use the Institution of Fire Engineers Fire Risk Assessor Search.

Historic Buildings


Historic England NorthWest is pleased to be working in partnership with our region's Fire and Rescue Services to help property owners take preventative measures against arson. Read more

Public Buildings

Our advice and service includes businesses and buildings that cater to the public, including places of assembly such as: public houses; clubs; dance halls/schools; village halls; community centres;churches; mosques; other places of religious worship or study and associated premises; temporary structures and marquees/tents. Read More

Places of Worship

The Fire Safety Order requires Places of Worship to undertake a comprehensive risk assessment to identify any possible dangers and risks. Read more

Licensed Premises

Businesses which are applying for entertainment licenses will need to consider the safety of their premises. Read more